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Probably most people only think of deodorization if they have pets or are smokers. However, this is something everyone should have done. Why?

Yes, of course having your carpets deodorized can leave them smelling nice. However, have you ever thought about possible bacteria?

Odors in your carpets are not just horrible to our sense of smell, but it can also cause illnesses. Those smells can build up to bacteria and fungi that can grow in the fibers of your carpet. And children are especially susceptible to this. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional is important so your carpets can be free from microbes and bacteria. Most of the over the counter deodorizers, are not effective enough to get into the fibers of the carpets, just the surface. They mainly will just mask the true issue. Professionals have commercial grade solutions and the knowledge of how to truly deodorize the carpets properly. As to not destroy any of the fibers, but yet be able to encapsulate any bacteria and microbes and kill them at the source that can affect your carpet. Leaving your carpets not only smelling better, but in a much healthier environment for you and your loved ones.